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Back to School Tips for Parents

Education is a partnership, and children are more likely to succeed if they have the support of parents, teachers, and adult mentors. Here are a few tips to keep your children safe and help them achieve:

1) Avoid chaos and make a smooth transition from summertime to school time by beginning to change the family schedule. Establish routines which include regular bed and meal times.

2) Have a positive attitude toward education, and let your child know you value learning. Let your child see you reading, pursuing your own interests and developing new skills.

3) Talk to children about school. Ask open-ended questions and listen to the answers. Your curiosity and attention will make them feel important and spark their enthusiasm for learning.      

4) Establish a set time for homework, and if possible, create a homework area.

5) Establish and maintain a relationship with your child’s teacher.

6) Don’t speak negatively in front of your child about his/her teacher or school. If you have a problem, address it with the school.

7) Get to know other parents. They are a great resource for information and support.

8) Encourage your child’s natural curiosity and interests through extracurricular activities.

9) Celebrate effort and learning—not just grades.