Furtah Preparatory School

How to Enroll in FPS as a Returning Student

No student is considered to be enrolled unless both the Enrollment Fee and the Tuition Deposit have been paid.

Step #1: To access Parents' Web through your existing login:

o Please go to www.renweb.com

o Select Logins from the menu bar and ParentsWeb Login from the drop-down menu.

o Type in your username and password. If you have forgotten your username or password, please click on the link provided.

o After logging in, click on the Family Information button in the left menu.

o Click on the Enrollment/Reenrollment button. If necessary, click the "temporarily allow pop-ups" button and repeat the process to click on Enrollment/Reenrollment.

o Complete the packet according to the instructions.

o Pay the Enrollment Fee (This fee holds a space for your student, offsets the cost of textbooks, and covers the cost of administrative fees. It is non-refundable and non-transferrable.)

  • $350.00 from 2/1 
  • $650.00 from 4/1

The online process should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Your information will be saved if you need to quit and come back later. We ask that you complete the online process and submit the enrollment packet on or before April 1.

Step #2:

o Meet with the Finance Manager: Following online enrollment, schedule a meeting with the Finance Manager. During this meeting, all financial documents will be reviewed.


  • All families, unless paying in full, must pay through FACTS Tuition Management.

  • Those already enrolled in FACTS need to do nothing unless their form of payment and/or banking information has changed.

  • See the Finance Manager for details regarding enrollment/re-enrollment with FACTS.