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Tuition at FPS starts at $9975 and varies by grade level and for international students. We strive to make attendance affordable and can work with individual families on a variety of scholarships and payment plans.  Please see Affording FPS for more details. 

We also offer the following discounts or credits (applied to family portion after scholarships):
  • Full payment by August 1st = 5% discount 
  • Sibling(s) attending FPS = 10% discount on each student's tuition
  • Referral Credit = $500 credit per student referred & attending (see Refer a Family for more info)
  • Pro-rated Credit = Tuition and fees are factored according to the number of days left in the school year (for students transferring in during the school year)
FPS Application/Enrollment Fees:
  • Application Fee $125
  • Enrollment Fee $350 (International Students pay a down payment in lieu of an enrollment fee)
  • Technology Fee $330 - Due by August 1st each year 
  • Accounting Fee $100 - Waived for any family paying in full or signed up for the FACTS payment plan
  • Senior Fee $300 - One time fee due at the beginning of senior year
  • Discounted Re-enrollment Fee $350 - Due annually in the spring ($500 if unpaid by May 1st)

*There may be additional fees throughout the year, such as athletics, aftercare, and field trips that would be billed separately and according to participation in those activities.