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Furtah Preparatory School is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization and is not supported or sponsored by any particular organization, and operates solely on tuition, fees, and the contributions of our families and supporters. 

Please note that the below information only applies to Domestic Students.  International Students should refer to the information here:

We understand that in this economy, some families might find it difficult to afford full tuition. At Furtah Preparatory School, we expect that your family will give your child's education a very high priority in your financial planning. Therefore, it is our expectation that every family will examine their own resources or secure other avenues of support prior to seeking financial assistance. However, we also do all that we can to help you find avenues to make that education accessible. We utilize the following programs to help make FPS affordable:

  • Payment Plans — Tuition can be broken out into 10 monthly payments, typically August to May. We are happy to review requests for 11 or 12 month plans as well.  Please note that you are responsible for the entire year's tuition--regardless of payments being broken into monthly payments. 
  • Discounts — We provide discounts for siblings, full payment, and utilization of a tuition management program (if making monthly payments). 
  • *FPS Scholarships — We are happy to review requests through FACTS Financial Aid (click on Parent Login and Payment Plans/Financial Aid). 
  • GSNS (also known as the SB10 or SB47 plan)— We participate in the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship program and accept your student's funds towards tuition.
  • *GaSSO — We encourage scholarship applications for the Georgia Student Scholarship Organization. Donations to the program are appreciated, as it can save money on your taxes while also helping fund scholarships for FPS students. Scholarship applications are open from January 1 to May 1 each year for re-enrolling families.  New families may apply during the application process up to 30 days after acceptance.
  • Refer-a-Family — This program provides a $500 credit towards tuition for each family referred, up to 10 families per year!
  • Path 2 College 529 Plan — It's easy to have your funds sent to FPS, either monthly or in a lump sum.
  • Education Loans — We recommend a few companies, but there are certainly others that offer private education loans. 


*Scholarships granted through the school (both GaSSO & FPS Scholarships) require a volunteer commitment. In addition to a typical level of involvement, we expect scholarship recipients to join in one volunteer opportunity per each $500 given in scholarships. So, for example, a family receiving $1500 in scholarships would commit to three volunteer opportunities, in addition to normal involvement.

  • What is normal/typical involvement?  This includes donating tissues to the classroom, chaperoning a field trip, dropping off plates for teacher appreciation, etc.
  • What are volunteer opportunities?  This includes working concessions at a game, coordinating a station at a festival, working on a beautification project, assisting a coach, helping with a club, etc.