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Arrival & Departure

Students may begin to arrive at school beginning at 7:30am.  Please do not drop off students before this time, even if staff is present. You should pull in and go down and to the right of the middle (arts & sciences) building.  You will circle that building and come around back towards the parking area. You may drop off at any of the buildings along the way.  If you need to handle business with your student at drop off (talk, write a note, etc.), then please pull into a parking spot so that you do not hold up other families. Students may not be dropped off up near the road or in the middle of the parking lot--you must enter and circle the car line or park.  Homeroom begins at 8:15am, and students are considered tardy at 8:25am.  After 8:25am, students must check into the front office and it is the parent/guardian's responsibility to ensure they come into the front office.

Please be vigilant in watching for other students while driving through our lot at any time.  Also note that driving past the upper parking lot is not allowed between 8:25am and 2:55pm. Road gates and/or stop signs will be placed during the day to protect our students as they utilize the whole campus during the day.

School ends at 3:15pm. If you need to pick your child up sooner, please call or come to the front office. The student must come through the front office for checkout and cannot go from class straight to the car. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to ensure their child's safety once they leave the front office.

Please note that driving past the upper parking lot is not allowed between 8:25am and 2:55pm. Road gates and/or stop signs will be placed during the day to protect our students as they utilize the whole campus during the day. If you arrive before 2:55pm, you may line up behind the gate and/or stop sign.  Please do not move the gates/signs on your own. Once we determine all students are away from the pickup areas, we will move the gates/signs.  Then you may go to the right of the middle (arts & sciences) building.  You will circle that building and come around back towards the parking area. We will stop cars between the Arts & Sciences building and the High School building and call the students to your car. Students will not be called for vehicles in the upper lot--you must be in the car line to pick up your student at regular dismissal.  Please be vigilant in watching for other students while driving through our lot. 

Schedules & Programs

Check out the daily schedule here

Yes, aftercare is available and registration is required.  If a student is not picked up promptly and has to be placed in aftercare without prior registration, there will be a drop-in fee of $4, in addition to the daily fee of $10. There are discounts available for using aftercare an entire week. Aftercare runs until 6:00pm. Late pickups will incur significant late fees. Students must be picked up by an authorized adult (photo ID required).

The complete information and registration form can be found here


PEPs are personalized education plans. All PEPs are updated during the first two months of school.

MAP Growth is a computer adaptive test created by NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) that students take two to three times per school year. The results provide teachers with information to help them deliver appropriate content for each student and determine each student's academic growth over time. 

  • MAP testing is adaptive, meaning that it is personalized to measure the needs of every student
  • If your child answers a question correctly, the test follows up with a more challenging question.
  • If your child answers incorrectly, the test follows up with an easier question. 


ParentsWeb (also known as FACTS Family Portal or RenWeb) requires a District Code, in addition to your user name and password.  Furtah Preparatory's code is FPS-GA. 

We do allow students to bring laptops or tablets that can be used during specific classroom activities. The use of cell phones is limited to before and after school. Please contact your child's teacher for more details.

Note: Teachers and other faculty reserve the right to request any student at anytime to no longer use these devices, and parents will be notified upon those requests. 


FPS shares updates and photos through the Falcon Gazette and our Facebook Page.  Additionally, for families in the school, we send email and newsletter updates to the correspondence emails on your student's file. 

No meals are provided. We provide a cafeteria where students may dine, and there are microwaves available for warming meals as needed. Utensils, paper goods, and drinks are not provided. Please ensure that your student has eaten breakfast (or has something to eat before homeroom), and ensure they have everything needed for lunch. There are vending machines available in the cafeteria as well. 

Periodically, we will have special meals, such as "Pizza Day", that may be offered as a reward or offered for purchase as a fundraiser. Notification will be sent prior to these events. *If a special meal requires payment, that payment must be done in advance, according to the information sent about the event. A student will not receive food if they did not pay in advance.

Furtah Preparatory School will make every effort to be open whenever possible. There will be days, however when weather conditions will make travel to and from school unsafe for students and/or staff. As a rule, we will follow Cherokee County schools on the first day of a weather event. We will make every attempt to get our individual school information out to all local news stations. On the second and subsequent days of a weather event, please look for Furtah specifically as we will follow our own schedule. If a school day is to be shortened or canceled, the announcement will be made by the major television station WSB-TV Channel 2. If no announcement is made on the television or radio, the school will be open. We will also post weather related closings and delays on our official Facebook page and the website.

If school is open during wintry weather, we will make every attempt to keep our parking lots and driving areas salted. Please use extreme caution if conditions may be icy, especially entering or leaving on the steep hill.


Our daughter's life has changed so much since she has been [at Furtah]. This is only her first year, and she is already reading so much. She never comes home sad like she used to. She still has a long road ahead, but without Furtah, she will not make it. She has no behavior problems. She even loves school now. I always knew with the right schooling she would learn. 

As we are coming close to ending a wonderful chapter in our lives, I wanted to thank each of you for all you have done. We have spent many Thanksgivings over the last 11 or 12 years with the FPS family and with [our son] being a senior, it saddens me that this is the last. Little did we know many years ago all the blessings that were in store along the way and I'm so glad I listened to that small still voice inside of me. When Mr. Furtah told me never to let anyone short change [our son], that there was more in him than others might see, that was the platform I stood on to begin changing his life.
From "Educating the Whole Student" to "Inspiring Hope and Changing Lives" you've managed to do it all! And just in case you're too close to notice, from outside looking in, there are so many families for whom you have forever made a difference.

I appreciate all the years at the school and all you and Mr. Furtah have and all the others have done for my kids! The joy of a small class is that even the parents get to know so many of the kids and I truly enjoyed hearing about all of them [at the Senior Banquet]! We appreciate it more than you will ever know! Thank you for the wonderful graduation and many wonderful years at Furtah Prep! 

I just wanted to write to let you know what a great group of young men you have on your soccer team. Our boys at Weber played your team yesterday. I saw a very nice group of kids. They never got down, they were always very positive. We saw them celebrating all the small things going on throughout the game. After the game I asked my son about your team, and his comments were"they had the best attitudes of any team I have probably ever played against" ," they were really funny" and "we really liked them". High words of praise from a 15 year old!  We look forward to playing you again later in the season.