Furtah Preparatory School

Application Process


Step #1: Make an Online Inquiry

Step #2: Schedule a Visit: Call the Office at 678-574-6488

  • Tours of the campus are private and by appointment only. Following the tour, time will be allotted for a meeting/interview with the headmaster.

Step #3: Schedule a Shadow Day!

  • Students interested in Furtah Preparatory School are welcome to shadow another FPS student during any day of the week. Following the campus tour, please stop by the office or call 678-574-6488 if you wish to schedule a shadow day for your student.
  • Please note: Any student wishing to be considered for admission is required to shadow before the Admissions Committee meets.

Step #4: Application Process

  • Before an applicant can be considered for admission, the following items must be submitted to the Office:
                  *Online Application submitted

                  *A signed Records Release Form (see below):

                  *Copy of birth certificate   

     *Custody papers if parents are divorced
                  *Current Immunization Form #3231 OR

    ºA notarized Religious Exemption Notification in lieu of the immunization form

                  *Current Vision/Hearing/Dental Form #3300

                  *Discipline record

                  *Most recent report card/transcript

                  *Math teacher recommendation

                  *English teacher recommendation
  • If your student is served by a 504 plan, provide the Office with copies of records and  modifications currently in place.
  • If your student has an IEP, provide the Office with copies of the following:

                  *The most current IEP

                  *The most recent Current Functioning Report
  • When all of the above named documents are ready for review, the FPS Admissions Committee will review the application and records submitted.
  • The parent will be notified of the decision of the FPS Admissions Committee.
  • Records Release Form

    Please print, fill out, and return to Mary Lou Luckie in the Furtah Preparatory School Main Office.