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Furtah Preparatory School


Inspiring Hope; Changing Lives

Furtah Prep's core belief is that hope is vital to a child's success; therefore we strive to inspire hope in every student, with regard to academic, social, physical, and creative achievement. Furtah Preparatory School is a place where diversity is valued and learners who learn differently and think outside the box thrive.  

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  • Due to hazardous road conditions, FPS is DELAYED BY TWO HOURS on Tuesday, December 11th.  Please continue to watch your TV stations or listen to the radio for further closing information and updates. 
  • FOR ALL YOUR HOLIDAY NEEDS: Use our AMAZON SMILE code to shop and donate to FPS in the process. Share with family and friends so we can increase our funding! 
  • FALCONS WIN STATE 2018! Read about it HERE
  • 2018-2019 Calendar
  • Our Refer a Family Program is HERE
  • DONATE to GASSO and it's a win-win-win! You win, we win, but most importantly, the kids win. CHOOSE where your tax dollars are spent, get a federal tax break without donating any out of your own pocket, and a child who would do better in private school gets the opportunity of a lifetime! Click on the link provided for more information and the form you need to get started today. But don't wait, there is a limit on the amount of funds statewide that can be added to the fund. Once it's full, no more donations can be made. 
  • Get a Target Red Card, save yourself 5% on all purchases, and they will donate up to 1% to FPS. What's not to love? Already have a card? Don't forget to sign up online for your donations to go to FPS. 
  • Don't forget to cut those BOX TOPS and bring them in! 
  • For information on closing due to inclement weather, please tune in to the following TV stations: 



Reading Skills

Furtah Prep is dedicated to helping all children learn to read by assessing their skills upon entrance into FPS and addressing their individual learning needs. 

International Students

If you are an international high school student and want to study at Furtah Prep, please click here for...More Information>