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House Bill 1133, the Georgia Education Expense Credit, was enacted in order to help families who would like more educational choice for their children, but whose children were not supported by the Special Education Bill, SB-10. Furtah Preparatory School has partnered with GASSO to take advantage of HB1133.
How does the Georgia Education Expense Credit (GEEC) function?
As a Georgia taxpayer, either an individual or a corporation, the GEEC allows you to receive a tax credit when you choose to direct a portion of your state income taxes toward private school financial aid scholarships. With HB1133, you can be a part of providing financial aid assistance to incoming FPS students who are currently enrolled in public school.
AND you will receive a dollar for dollar tax credit at the state level against your Georgia tax liability.
You will also receive a FEDERAL income tax deduction for this charitable donation.
How can this benefit FPS, as well as me?
You are making a choice as to where your tax dollars are used! You can either allow Georgia to use your income taxes for their benefit, or you can direct your own money to assisting someone in need of a scholarship by asking for your tax dollars to be donated to FPS through GASSO.
Be sure to indicate FPS as the designated school, and everyone benefits. This is at no cost to you! Simply ask your accountant to make sure you are aware of the dollar amount you can donate, and get it started today!

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