Furtah Preparatory School

Favorite Websites from FPS

Favorite Websites

Websites we love: 


  • Renweb (all your school needs) 
  • GA Futures  (Starting in 9th grade, you should register here in order to track your high school career and access important information for college). 
  • Starfall (a great tool for children in elementary and possibly middle school to help with early phonics, reading, math, and more). 
  • Brain Connection  (keep your brain sharp by playing brain games for all ages)
  • Kids Know It (another great site for games and educational activities) 
  • Reading Horizons (a premier phonics website with input by Mr. Furtah and his mentor, Char Lockhart)
  • Concordia Language Villages (for those wanting an immersion program for almost any world language or employment for internationals)
  • Cool Math for Kids (just what it sounds like!) 
  • Learning Games for Kids (yep, you guessed it) 
  • Khan Academy (free curriculum even for AP classes, mostly used to supplement at FPS) 
  • Test Prep Review (for test prep at all levels) 
  • Study in the US (scholarships for International Students)