Furtah Preparatory School

Admissions Criteria and Decisions


Admissions Criteria
1. Student behavioral/conduct records will be reviewed.

2. Recommendations from academic teachers from the applicant's current school will be reviewed.

3. An interview with the applicant, as well as the applicant's parent(s)/guardian(s) will be conducted.

4. All fees must be paid and forms completed before the applicant is admitted.


Admissions Decisions
1. FPS may deny acceptance to an applicant with non-disclosure of reasons.

2. FPS reserves the right to deny acceptance or terminate or suspend enrollment of students at the school's direction.

3. FPS reserves the right to determine the placement of an applicant into a grade level and/or classes and subjects deemed most appropriate for his/her school experience.

4. FPS reserves the right to determine whether FPS is an appropriate placement for the applicant and/or family.