Furtah Preparatory School

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Photo Name Title Email Years Exp. At School
Photo for Baskett, Kenneth Baskett, Kenneth Director of Academic Success Email 4
Photo for Blair, Cynthia Blair, Cynthia Instructor Email 1
  Boone, Peggy Substitute Teacher Email 1
Photo for Boulee, Renee Boulee, Renee Art Instructor Email 11
Photo for Edge, Deborah Edge, Deborah Instructor Email 7
Photo for Ferrone, Suzanne Ferrone, Suzanne Instructor Email 2
Photo for Furtah, Frederick Furtah, Frederick Headmaster Email 18
  Helton, Benjamin Instructor Email 0
Photo for Houchins, Christy Houchins, Christy Business Manager Email 6
Photo for Kovacich, Elizabeth Kovacich, Elizabeth Registrar Email 18
Photo for Luckie, Mary Lou Luckie, Mary Lou Office Administrator Email 5
  Samuel-Robinson, Stephanie Spiritualist/Spiritual Consultant Email
Photo for Shim, Kenyatta Shim, Kenyatta Principal Email 6
Photo for Sikimic, Milos Sikimic, Milos Email 0
  Skibbie, Chris Email 2
  Tolbert, Theresa Email 1
  Victor, Gregory Email 0
  Weis, Dave Coach Email 0
  Whitney, Christi Drama Instructor Email 0
  Works, Katie Email
  Works, Katie Email
Photo for Young, Anthony Young, Anthony Instructor Email 2