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Recently selected by Georgia Language Arts Adoption Committee

August 28, 2013 – Furtah Preparatory School, a non-profit secondary education institution in Acworth, Georgia, has been lifting the reading skills of middle and high school students using Reading Horizons, an explicit, easy-to-follow, and multi-sensory approach to decode multi-syllable words and increase comprehension by correctly using phonics for K-12 students.  The Georgia Language Arts Adoption Committee recently selected Reading Horizons as one of the preferred titles for reading instruction and intervention for Georgia Public Schools.

Mr. Fred Furtah, headmaster at Furtah Preparatory School, has been using Reading Horizons for more than 20 years to successfully change the reading skills of students.  “More than two-thirds of high school graduates are not reading at their grade level due to an undecoded reading difficulty that was not discovered early enough.  As a result, they will struggle in college and careers, and their vocabulary and self-confidence may be more limited than their peers.”

Reading is the basis for language arts, history, science, mathematics, writing, vocabulary and even general speaking skills.  As the child moves to higher grade levels where reading and comprehension demands increase, their performance decreases and their self-worth declines. A student with a reading issue generally performs poorly on tests, struggles with homework, can be inattentive or even disruptive in the classroom, and may exhibit many anti-social behaviors in public or at home.  As their internal frustration and feelings of incompetence or inadequacy spill out in vocal or even physical outbursts, they may exhibit a general lack of cooperation and frequent rebelliousness, or a withdrawal from social interaction entirely.

“What you will typically see when you are working with students and Reading Horizons are increased confidence levels in class, increased fluency, and more accurate spelling.  These kinds of results will be critical to the success of the Common Core Curriculum in Georgia,” Furtah said.  “It is why we are able to help children with learning differences succeed at Furtah Prep, so they can go on to successful careers, college or military service.”

Reading Horizons originated in the 1970’s with Mrs. Charlotte Lockhart when she published Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself.  Reading Horizons partnered with Lockhart in 1984 to develop the PC-based program, and acquired the rights to the full curriculum in 2001 after Mrs. Lockhart’s passing.  Mr. Furtah worked with Mrs. Lockhart at Lockhart Academy in the 1990’s and founded Furtah Preparatory School in 2001 where Reading Horizons is used for all enrolled students that struggle with reading.

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