Furtah Preparatory School


1. RenWeb Revisions I-Form(Personal and medical information reminder): We have sent an email regarding the update of personal and medical information for your student. Directions regarding the completion of an I- Form were provided. Please submit the I-Form before school starts to  help ensure FPS has all of the information needed to keep your child safe.

2. Additional Back to School I-Forms required and now available via I-Forms

• Below is a table which provides an overview of the documents/I-forms needed. It explains/summarizes the ADDITIONAL I-FORMS now available to you on the FPS website.  If you have not submitted this I-form, please do so as previously requested.

♦RenWeb Revisions I-Form: We thank all of you who have submitted this.

♦Emergency Inclement Weather

♦Physical Education Participation Information

♦FPS Athletic Participation Consent Form

♦Directory Information

♦Authorization to Give Medication

• Please review the Table and complete each I-Form as explained/requested by the date recorded on the Table.

Thank you for taking the time to provide the school with updated information and your signature where necessary.