Furtah Preparatory School

FPS Uniform Policy

Dress Code

All students shall maintain an acceptable standard of dress both during school hours and after hours.

The uniform for all students may be ordered from the FPS page on www.uniform-source.com and is as follows:


The Administration reserves the right to authorize or prohibit any individual item of apparel even if it is not specifically prohibited by the dress code. Any authorization, however, requires "written approval."  If there is any question, please contact the front office at 678-574-6488.

In addition to the uniform requirements, the following regulations apply:

a. Hair: No extreme hairstyles or unnatural (e.g. pink, purple) hair coloring for students. Male students must wear their hair above their collars. If hair is longer, it must be secured in a ponytail. Hats, caps, or sunglasses may not be worn in the school building(s).

b. Body piercing: The only body piercing allowed is pierced ears.

c. The following items are NOT permitted on campus or at any school activity:

• Bare midriffs

• See-through clothing

• Tattoos (visible)

• Crop/tube tops

• Halter tops

• Clothing with profanity or suggestions of profanity or of illegal activity

• Potentially dangerous items such as spikes, chains, or spurs

• Mini skirts or short shorts for girls